Virgil Abloh says streetwear is a trap

Streetwear, the then preserve of hip-hop and other subcultures is now sprinkled on every high-end stores’ shelf. 


Virgil Abloh, the Menswear Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, doesn’t need tonne introduced. Abloh, the reigning king of streetwear, told a crowd at WWD’s Apparel and Retail CEO Summit that “[Streetwear] is sort of seen as an ingredient that you just sprinkle on anything, but more what it means in the practical sense is clothing that people wear on the street.”


I think the key word is relevancy. If something is relevant it’s already occurring on the street, you see it. When the brand is sort of communicating relevant things, you’re going to see a major sort of engagement. But it’s not a figurative thing that can be designed into products or designed into campaigns.