@VHFdigital: avant-garde madness

The creative duo merging fashion and multidisciplinary art

Comodor 64Windows 95128k Macintoshvideo games, high-fashion, and cinematography are fueling the creative minds of the duo behind @VHFdigital.


High fashion Instagram accounts? Yes. High fashion Instagram accounts which display unique runway GIFs? Hell yes.



@VHFdigital transcended the boundaries of fashion to create art. Textures and colors clash to give birth to one of a kind creations.




The visual identity of VHF draws its inspiration from the aesthetics of the early phases of the digital age giving it a modern touch with a unique and innovative interpretation of matter.



The Instagram page, which promotes and convey fashion and luxury in an unconventional way, collaborated with Marni, Fendi, and GQ Style. We cannot wait for the upcoming partnerships between the duo and high fashion houses.