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Valentine’s Day horoscope as Frank Ocean songs

Valentine’s Day horoscope as Frank Ocean songs

There are plenty of lovey-dovey vibes in the universe right now. Maybe you’re moving on to better relationships or just swiping right… We concocted a V-day musical horoscope.

ARIES: Nikes

where: At a party.

why: Your friends dragged your anti-V-day ass there.


TAURUS: Skyline To

where: In your car, on a parking lot overlooking the city.

why: ‘Skyline To’ makes anyone feel nostalgic.


GEMINI: Crack Rock

where: In the subway.

why: You’re waiting for your date. They’re late.


CANCER: Chanel

where: In the Airbnb you’re sharing with your friends.

why: I can’t read though Capricorns’ minds so dunno.


LEO: Lost

where: In the streets of Fort Worth, TX, Moscow or Munich.

why: ‘Cos you’re fucking lost. Your phone just died and you gotta meet your Tinder date downtown.


VIRGO: Forrest Gump

where: In your bed.

why: You’re a proud anti-V-day bean.


LIBRA: Strawberry Swing

where: At the amusement park with your date.

why: That’s what they wanted, they don’t know you’re scared of heights.


SCORPIO: White Ferrari

where: At the club.

why: The DJ has great taste in music obviously.



where: In the bus.

why: Going home to spend the evening with your S.O.



where: While crying in a Uber.

why: Frank can make anyone cry. Don’t take it personal hun.



where: At night, just before a midnight bath with your date.

why: Aquarius… Aqua… Water… To swim?


PISCES: There Will Be Tears

where: On your best friend’s couch.

why: You just got through old text messages. Stop doing this.