TUMBLE on his character change & upcoming projects

Conversation with TUMBLE

PHOTO CREDITS: Zsombor Varadi

TUMBLE, formerly known as Nino Extranjero, went through a character change and opened up about it to Esthète.



How did your character change happen?

The character change took a long time to come about. It’s something I’ve been on the fence about for a while but never had the confidence to follow through with. I’ve wanted a clean slate for some time and now seemed like a good time to make that jump. I think my audience is quite understanding and they’ve been extremely patient with me during the last few months and I’m extremely grateful for that.

What inspired the name ‘TUMBLE’?

The name TUMBLE was inspired by my childhood summers, it’s a place I spent the majority of my time and gained a lot of memories. It also refers to one of my favorite quotes “If you take a tumble, keep on rolling”.

What’s the main reason for the change?

How catchy the name felt, especially when you compare it to my previous title. Nino Extranjero was extremely long-winded and hard enough for people to remember, let alone try and pronounce…

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently, there are no major projects scheduled, although I have plans for a new music video but I can’t shoot it until the back end of summer. I’m waiting for my collaborative partner Erica to return from Asia, so we can finally create the visuals for our joint project “+4.5 Grain”

You’re going to release your debut EP ‘Sunblast’ later this month. Tell us about it.

The Sunblast EP is extremely upbeat, Give It Time is a prime example of what you can expect more of. Catchy hooks and flamboyant rhyme schemes are scattered all over, along with familiar riffs and groovy baselines. It’s a true summer record, something I made with a vision to become the perfect road trip soundtrack.

What’s next for you?

Like I said before, I’m not too sure what’s next for me. Right now I’m just excited for people to hear my new songs and to be back home for the summer.


stay tuned for tumble’s debut EP release later this month