The Unexpected Subject: an exhibition about art and feminism

… that just opened in Milan.


Feminist af, The Unexpected Subject just opened in Milan.


The exhibition sponsored by Dior proposes for the first time a wide-ranging investigation and a precise reconstruction of the relationship between visual arts and the feminist movement in Italy. It also identifies 1978 as the catalyst year women’s liberation in the Arts in the West.

In June of the same year, over 80 women artists made their entrance to the Venice Biennale with the exhibition Materialization of Language curated by Mirella Bentivoglio, loudly claiming visibility.



We recognize within ourselves the capacity for effecting a complete transformation of life. Not being trapped within the master-slave dialectic, we become conscious of ourselves; we are the Unexpected Subject. – Carla Lonzi, Let’s Spit on Hegel, 1974


The Unexpected Subject: 1978 Art and Feminism in Italy
Il Soggetto Imprevisto: 1978 Arte e Femminismo in Italia
April 4 – May 26, 2019
FM Centre for Contemporary Art
Frigoriferi Milanesi
Via Piranesi 10
20137 Milan