The Sackler case: somewhere between philanthropy and opioid crisis

The activist group P.A.I.N, oraganized by Nan Goldin, striked again

P.A.I.N (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) is a group directed by American photographer Nan Goldin. Its mission is to address the opioid crisis. The group demand that all museums, universities, and institutions worldwide publicly refuse future funding from the Sackler family but also remove their Sackler signage. The eponymous billionaire family of art philanthropists behind the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma is accused of fuelling the US opioid crisis by manufacturing and pushing Oxycontin. Activists also demand that Purdue Pharma forfeit all profits from Oxycontin as restitution to the communities and families that have been affected.

As the most visited museum in the world, protesters have urged the Louvre to set a precedent for other institutions by removing the family name from its galleries. The 1 July protest saw Nan Goldin wade into the fountains beneath the Louvre’s iconic glass pyramid with more than a dozen activists carrying red banners stating that read: “Take down the Sackler name.”

Following these protests, the family name has been surreptitiously removed from the Oriental and Antiquities wing, as well as from the website.