The Moment: an interactive movie using EEG sensors

Directed by Richard Ramchurn

Now aged 39, the British director Richard Ramchurn spent a lot of years experimenting on ways to include technology in his work. When he discovered the NeuroSky electroencephalography (EEG) sensor, a device monitoring the electrical activity of the brain, years ago, Ramchurn began to envision ways to use this device to create an interactive experience.

The Nottingham University alumnus released his first interactive short in 2015 called The Disadvantages of Time Travel. During the screening, the viewers’ blinking and their level of meditation affect the video editing, the shots’ superimposition and the music’s intensity. One drawback: the short is quickly overloaded and makes the viewers aware of their every blinking which negatively affects the movie’s immersion.

But Ramchurn didn’t give up. He embarked on a second project: The Moment was born. Three times more visuals had been shot and six times more soundtracks have been recorded to ensure the quality of the experience. The level of attention of the viewers affect the editing, the rhythm, the music and much more aspects of the short which can generate 101 billions of different versions.


Watch the trailer below: