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The evolution of men and makeup

The evolution of men and makeup

Luka Sabbat for MiLK Makeup

Apart from rockstars wearing eyeliner and footage of the annual Mardi Gras parade, men-wearing-makeup have remained largely under the radar – until now.

In the pit, boys don their masculinity with certain accessories of punk, like painted nails and the ever-elusive Pete Wentz “guyliner.” For them, when their nail polish chips or their eyeliner runs, it’s cool and edgy; if anything, it makes them punkier.


Frank Ocean followed the path of his predecessors and occasionally sports glittery makeup, whether it’d be for an editorial (he did one with i-D) or for one of his music videos, ‘Nikes’. Frank is hip-hop’s very own trailblazer and we’re here for it. In an era where men represent the half of self-taught make-up artists, we can only hope that it’ll be progressively destigmatized and not only acceptable when “pit men” do so.