Scotland to become the first country to teach LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed

The rest of the UK, please take notes.

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Yesterday, it was announced that schools all over Scotland are to embed LGBTI-inclusive lessons into their future curriculum, which will require schools “to teach pupils about the history of LGBTI equalities and movements, as well as tackling homophobia and transphobia and exploring LGBTI identity”, as The Guardian reports.


This decision, which offers a great deal of promise for LGBTI campaigners throughout the UK and beyond, was overseen by the Scottish Time for Inclusive Education (TiE) campaign group. Their co-founder Jordan Daly, when speaking on their success, called the introduction of this new curriculum a “monumental victory for our campaign, and a historic moment for our country”.


This new emphasis on teaching LGBTI-related issues from an early age is sure to have a positive impact on kids who feel marginalized within their own community, unsure of their identity, or even unsafe in their own homes. Daly is confident that finally allowing schools to address such issues openly will not only drastically lower accounts of homophobia in school but also “send a strong and clear message to LGBTI young people that they are valued here in Scotland.”