Requiem for clout: soft-boy douchebag chronicles

I don’t need a college ed

no time to be employed

cause all I want to do

is hit the vape with my boys

go everywhere by hoverboard


live life to the extreme

won’t tell you what I’m wearing

but you know that it’s Supreme

part-time job at Wal-Mart

put the ‘cash’ in cashier


prolly gonna quit soon

for my Soundcloud rap career

my scooter tricks are tasty

my memes are fuckin dank

so no, I’m not worried that


I have $3 in my bank

I love to smash bitches

then drop them like old trends

that must be the reason

that they leave me for my friends


(haha not that I care

or anything I’m just saying)


OK, so what if one time

my boys found me crying in my sleep?

I had something in my eye, bro

it’s not that fucking deep


emotional vulnerability

is my greatest fear

good thing I have these clout goggles

to hide away my tears