Jazz Ingram on moving to NYC, clout, and the release of 'sex.'

Conversation with Jazz Ingram

photo credits: kelsey healey (@kelseyhealey on instagram)


We sat with recording artist Jazz Ingram to talk about his vision as a young creative, his aspirations and more. 


Jazz: My father named me Jazz. I have my father’s last name and my mother’s maiden name. I move a lot, right now it’s New York.


You recently released ‘sex.’. Tell us a bit about it.

On my prior project “a record entitled, FORREST” I found a flow on ‘f33l’ that was a very smooth character, I furthered that flow or character on “sex.”. It’s really specific. It’s a metaphor. At the time I felt the word was an accurate description of the sounds we were creating. It runs around 10 minutes I believe. Produced entirely by “Your Friend, Kami” (@yourfriendkami on Instagram), it’s a collection of thoughts, a relic of a time that will never again exist. It’s funny when we were promoting the project before its release the tag line was “end of an era”. Saying we were moving from “a record entitled, FORREST.” into “sex.” I felt like a lot was beginning but seriously you speak things into existence! I moved to NYC five days before the project was released to the public. My life, where I was raised, as it once was ended. I remember falling into a dark hole. This project made me question a lot. like who was I doing it for; myself or the things I gain from being popular. It was a combination but even that unsettled me. After coming to this realization I’ve been moving different since. A month after the project released it really did feel like everything ended but then you realize that you can’t stop existing and making choices. I didn’t promote the project, instead, I read a couple of books and woke up on the couch for four months. started to check up on myself and tried a lot of “things” to see what felt right. I watched what felt like a million documentaries, and just observed.

Where did you draw inspiration to compose it? How was the album-making process?

‘sex.’ was made in September of last year in my bedroom. Kobe (yourfriendkami) flew from Bakersfield, California to Atlanta and we made the project in my mother’s home. Life was blue, blue was everywhere. Hard to explain but you gotta believe me haha.

What’s your favorite from the EP?

Favorites are fleeting.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are you favorite artists?

Life makes for the best songs. Prince. Rick James.

What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in a year? 

Hopefully happy.  That’s what I’m working on right now. I think once that’s accomplished, everything is at arms distance. It all depends on what you want really.

What’s one thing we should remember about you?

Kinda hard to answer this one without being corny, so I’ll refrain.

Is there something else you want to mention?

It’s okay not to know but okay is not always enjoyable.