How do we make fashion more sustainable?

PIC: © MOLYGO Fashion Show @ Designer nest

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The fashion industry is, without a doubt, one of the biggest polluters in the world. Every year, it produces 100 to 150 billion items and out of all that stuff, we then find out that fashion brands end up destroying billions of pounds worth of it.

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One way is by embracing the resale market, which has been growing with the rise of companies such as The RealReal and Vestiaire Collective, which offer verified second-hand designer clothes and luxury goods in the same format as Net-a-Porter.


What is clear is that the fashion industry is still in service to consumers, many of whom value price, novelty, quality, and design more than they value the ethical considerations of their purchasing decisions. You only have to look at the voracious appetite for fast fashion e-tailers such as Boohoo, Miss Guided, and ASOS to see that a younger generation will always go for low-price product instead of meaningfully designed, manufactured and recycled alternatives – especially if they know that ‘luxury’ brands are just as disposable as fast fashion. It’s now up to the brands themselves, especially aspirational ones, to set the benchmark of what is truly luxurious – something with pride-worthy provenance considered the design and several lifespans ahead of it. – Osman Ahmed, Fashion editor @ i-D