Hong Kong's culture through Issac Lam and John Yuyi's lenses

A photographic journey through Hong Kong’s culture

T he Hong Kong-based photographer Issac Lam, and Taiwanese artist John Yuyi, teamed up to present two varying sides of the city in their latest project. Through a series of photographs, they explore the financial hub as an inhabitant and tourist.





Lam, the photographer, wants to “present the nation’s collective memories of Hong Kong” with the visual nostalgia of his childhood, as well as including John’s creative vision. Yuyi acknowledges that she is an outsider but tries to avoid cliche touristy associations.



The series sees a mixture of the old, historic parts of the city with modern-day Hong Kong. Combined with John’s signature body art and typical Hong-Kong-ese fashion moments, the series merges Issac’s native knowledge with John’s “fantasy” of the city.