Everything you need to know about anti-abortion laws

Photo credits: Chris Aluka Berry

You may have heard about the new abortion bills that were signed into law in Alabama and Georgia, known as HB 314 and HB 481 respectively. Both of these bills went through the legislative process in their respective states and they were incorporated as state laws. HB 314 will be enforced starting from November of 2019 and HB 481 will be enforced in January of 2020.

Here are a few facts:

  • HB 314 aims to criminalize almost all abortions and HB 481 is a “fetal heartbeat bills.” The Georgia bill basically says you can’t perform an abortion on a developing fetus if you detect a heartbeat. This limits abortions to 6 weeks post-fertilization, the stage of development when you can hear a fetal heartbeat.
  • In both bills, a person who performs an abortion can be penalized, so we know that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will be held liable for carrying out the procedure.
  • HB 314 is harsher than HB 481. The Georgia law makes exceptions for rape and incest, but the Alabama bill has no such clause.


The Missouri state legislature just passed HB 126, a bill banning abortions after 8 weeks post-fertilization.