Evar Hussayni is fighting for the ‘normalization’ of kurdish women’s identities

Evar Hussayni is a 25 years-old Kurdish multi-disciplinary artist based in London, England.

Hussayni is completing her MA studies in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy. Pivoting her craft towards the position of women in society with a narrowing in on the position of Middle Eastern women – specifically Evar speaks to the concerns and problematics that Kurdish women face. These include typecast understandings of what it means to carry this cultural and gender identity,

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However instead of an articulation that stresses trauma, Evar’s attempt is to normalize Kurdish women, Middle Eastern women and women of color in a world dominated by Western notions of womanhood and how and what women should be and conform to.

In a time where sexual assault, harassment, gender, and race-based violence have been normalized in the West, the recognition of the work of artists such as Evar become important and should assist us as a society in unlearning and understanding.

The digital collage is Evar’s favored medium. She creates artworks with photographs and paint.

Her series, ‘Women in my History Part I and II’ reflect on memory, personal history, and exclusion and were all portraits photographed by her of women she knows or had met through the process. Her mother, aunts, cousins, and other women were featured in the project.

The ‘Women In My History’ project, which explores ancestral Kurdish relatives, aims to shed light on the erasure of women from history through their dismissal.