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Discovering the new Timberland® Construct: 10061

Discovering the new Timberland® Construct: 10061

Timberland Boots are timeless fashion pieces hence why they’re also a symbol of culture.

In 2018, Timberland® Construct: 10061 was born: a project that saw the Global Innovation Center of Timberland, ConceptKicks – a London-based design studio – KesselsKramer, a creative agency, collaborating to rethink the production process of the classic boot.

Some of the most famous silhouette of the brand – including the iconic Yellow Boots – have been reinvented, altered, decomposed and stitched up according to the creative vision of the 7 designers involved. Every single one of them merged their touch with the heritage of the brand to reinvent them.

Dominican artisans – based in the Timberland factories – and creatives discussed and exchanged about the meaning of the Yellow Boot. The 7 designers of the creative team then flew to Milan to present the 24 prototypes they came up to.