Berlin’s club culture is being saved by the government

Berlin continues to make major moves to protect its club culture.

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The capital’s local government has freed up 1 million euros to help soundproof clubs to minimize the conflict between night time venues and residential areas nearby.

The noise protection program, which comes into effect today, is a signal that the city sees club culture, techno, and related institutions, as something of economic benefit and as a key driver of the city’s tourism.

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Berlin’s club culture is known worldwide and a hallmark of our city. – Ramona Pop, Senator

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As such, each club is eligible for a grant of 50,000 euros, 100,000 for “projects of extraordinary importance”.

As of February 2019, an independent jury of experts will begin meetings to choose who qualifies for the funding. Clubs will also be expected to pay about 10 to 20 percent towards the overall fund to contribute to the renovation work. If for some reason the club shuts down in the next two years, they will have to send a refund to the council.

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Techno culture has given so much to Berlin, using some taxpayer money to support it is the least we can do. – Georg Kössler, Greens Party lawmaker