Artist of the Month: Tumble

Conversation with Tumble

September’s artist of the month is Welsh musician Tumble.





I’m currently living on the South Coast of England, near a city called Brighton.

Do you have a nickname?

Recently the name ‘Nino’ has begun to stick. I actually didn’t notice until I changed my stage name, I guess people were more familiar with it than I originally thought.

What’s your star sign?

My star is Aquarius, I didn’t actually know anything about that until like 6 months ago when girlfriend randomly sent me a screenshot of a horoscope…

What’s your motto?

I don’t really have a motto, I just try to keep within my comfort zone. People always say you have to take risks to be rewarded, which is probably true. But I think people should only take those risks once they’re comfortable with the potential outcomes.

What are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence probably came from my two older brothers, I’m sure that’s quite a generic answer but they had such a huge impact on my childhood. That’s actually what ‘1979‘ is in reference to, all that time we spent playing outdoors together. We really could spend a solid ten hours in the garden building hideouts and forts for our Action Man toys. I’m sure I got under their skin on quite a few occasions but they always had time for me and let me join in with whatever they were doing, massive amounts of my character and personality were molded around those pair.
From an artistic standpoint, I would definitely have to say Rizzle Kicks had a huge influence on my musical preferences, as well as the style I tend to write with myself.
It might seem like a bit of random one but their debut album ‘Stereo Typical‘ released just as I was about to move up into high school. I remember one of my brothers showing me the video for ‘Down With The Trumpets‘ and everything about it was intriguing to me. I’d never heard or seen anything like that before, in one sense it was a super serious song with quite a lot of relatable topics, but on the other hand, it was really catchy and fun, you could dance away to it without a care in the world…
That album was a huge outlet for me, not only did it feel as if someone understood exactly how I was feeling, but it gave you the motivation to do better and overcome the obstacles that were standing in my way at that point in time. Even to this very day I’ll still go back and listen to some of their tracks like ‘Dreamers‘ and ‘When I Was A Youngster‘ I can’t forget to mention Jordan’s solo work either, he’ll always be a massive inspiration of mine.
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Who are your favorite artists?

Excluding what I’ve already mentioned I think a big one for me right now is Deb Never, she’s absolutely groundbreaking in my eyes. For starters, I’ve never heard anyone carry their emotions through their vocals as convincingly and consistently and she does, it’s absolutely beautiful. She’s almost formed a genre entirely of here own entities, with soft vocals that can almost lift the hair’s from your skin, as well as creating these incredibly subtle melodies that echo over the top of watered down, grungy, trap beats.
I think a majority of the artists I enjoy fall under a similar category to Deb, each with their very own distinct traits that separate them from everyone else. For example, you have Yeek who’s been described as a “genreless” artist with his unique ability to blend sounds from three or four, sometimes even 5 different stems of music into one single track.
Another has to be Bakar with his incredible storytelling and the ability to write some of the most memorable hooks I’ve ever heard on such a consistent basis, he’s completely in a field of his own.
Finally, I’d have to say Dominic Fike fits perfectly into that category of artists. Much like Bakar he has an incredible ability to write hooks but what I love about him the most is his acoustic performances, his voice is so raw yet so familiar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s as popular as someone like Khalid in a few years time.

What is your favorite album?

For me, it has to be ‘Veneer‘ by José González, a beautifully constructed acoustic album that feels like it was almost certainly designed to help people heal their wounds. If I ever need to relieve stress, find motivation or simply refocus, that’s where I’ll go.
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What is your favorite song?

Currently, my favorite song to play is ‘Subaru Crosstrek‘ by Hobo Johnson, as I’ve found myself frequently gravitating towards artists who don’t always themselves seriously. But compared to most others he’s extremely good at making funny, catchy songs, that are still actually quite serious and relatable.

What is your favorite film?

I’d have to say ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty‘ thanks to Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, José González and the twelve hundred different shades of blue.

What is your favorite series?

At the moment I’m waiting for new seasons of ‘The Good Place‘ and ‘Atypical‘ so for the time being it’s gonna have to be ‘Friends‘, ‘Friends‘ and a little bit more ‘Friends‘…
Why do you make music?
It’s a difficult question to answer, I guess it’s a way for me to express myself. I know everyone says that type of thing, but it’s enjoyable for me to turn my emotions and thoughts into a piece of art. Something like that, I’m not really sure about all of that though. Maybe I’ll have a better understanding and a more structured answer in the future.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Obviously there’s the music video for ‘1979‘ on the way, after that, I’m sure there’ll be a few more singles, something I hope you’ll enjoy and be able to play on repeat. I’m sure an EP is eventually going to happen after all that is out of the way…

What is one thing we should remember about you?

I’m not sure how to answer this one, it’s making me feel like I’m going to overcomplicate things. I guess if you’re going to remember something about me, you’ll stumble across it in due time.


Photo Credits: Zsombor Varadi