Artist of the Month: Andy Luidje

Conversation with Andy Luidje

April’s artist of the month is Paris-based rapper Andy Luidje.







I grew up in Nanterre, a city in the western suburbs of Paris. I move to the capital a year ago.


Do you have a nickname?

Le Luidje.


What’s your star sign?



What’s your motto?

I don’t really have a motto, it’s more like a mindset. I’d say that the saying “I only know one word, its ‘ambition'”* illustrates the latter pretty well. Because you can’t go anywhere without ambition.


What are your biggest influences?

Drake, Nekfeu, and Disiz. These artists influenced me on various aspects, whether it’s on melody, the writing process or on the way stories are told through their music.


Who are your favorite artists?

Hamza, Disiz, and Drake.


What is your favorite album?

“Pacifique” by Disiz, “Take Care” by Drake, and “Paradise” by Hamza.

What is your favorite song?

It’s such a difficult choice because it always changes. I’ve been listening to “Validé” by Hamza a lot lately.

What is your favorite film?

Another tough decision to make, I go to the movies very often. My most recent coup de cœur is Green Book.

What is your favorite series?

The only series I watched from start to finish: The Vampire Diaries.

Why do you make music?

I make music because it’s my passion. It has a huge place in my heart. I also find music to be therapeutic. I love conveying ideas, feelings to my listeners. You’ll notice in my upcoming projects.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yep, a four-part EP called “Le temps d’un trajet.”. I’ve also been collaborating for a year now with beatmaker and manager Mr. Hype on a bigger project called “Paris/Montréal”.

What is one thing we should remember about you?

I’m a cool guy.